Art Bengaluru is one of South India’s leading festivals of the arts. Over the last 8 editions, we’ve endeavoured to raise appreciation and awareness of the arts in all its forms –– from painting, sculpture, installations and photography, to music, dance and other performing art forms.

From showcasing established global and local artists, to serving as a platform for emerging artists and galleries from around the world, Art Bengaluru has always inspired. And this year, we’re looking to up the ante.

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Artists / Exhibitors

Afra Khan

Afra Khan is an ardent student of the Kabbalistic philosophy; she finds the rigid notions of conformity, belonging and identity very archaic ideas in the context of planetary futurism that is reflected in the ‘Neptunic’ atmosphere of her visual work.

She is an electronic music producer, DJ and visual artist engaging primarily in photography and video with a passion for digitally manipulated art.

Her debut music video The Prophecy was selected for display at Techno &amp the City art exhibition hosted by Techno &amp, Philosophy and Fiumano Art Gallery in London in November 2016, where it shared space with pioneering visual artists who have collaborated with Techno music founders like Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills and many more. Recently she was also curated under the VISIBILITY banner in the premier electronic music exhibition – Expo Electro – at the Philharmonie de Paris, alongside visual works of legendary electronic musicians like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.

Afra believes that audio-visual art is a powerful medium of our time and that all artists share the responsibility of creating work that transforms the experience of the viewer by offering hope, inspiration and a means towards evolution.

Anil Ijeri

Anil Ijeri has amalgamated painting and printmaking. Finding his own world in printmaking, he has turned it into a technique for painting. Through it, he plans to one day find his answers about his world.

Born in the year 1981, in the city of Bijapur, Karnataka, Anil has obtained a Diploma in Drawing & Painting from S.S. Art Institute, Bijapur. He has completed B.F.A (Painting) from Kannada University, Hampi and M.V.A. (Graphics) from M.M.K. College of Visual Art, Gulbarga 

He has presented his works in various group exhibitions including Recur, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, 2019; Art Beyond Boundaries, Tell Us Art, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, 2016; Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Group Show, Goa, Panji, 2011 and Rupabh “Bharat Bhavan” Bhopal, 2009. He has also held solo exhibition of his artworks, two in Bhopal and one in Indore.

Anil has participated in several exhibitions including59th National Exhibition of Art – Lalit Kala Akademi (New Delhi), 2018; International Art Forum Graphic (Ukraine), 2016; All India Art Exhibition, Shimla, Himachal, 2016; International Printmaking Triennial, Serbia, 2011 and International Printmaking Biennial, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, 2011

He has been felicitated with many awards including, Award from Arnawaz Vasudev Charities, Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai, 2019; Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Award, 2017; Annual Art Exhibition K.L.K.A. Bangalore (State award), 2011; S.C.Z.C.C. Merit Award, Nagpur, 2011 and S.C.Z.C.C. Merit Award, Nagpur, 2010.

Anni Kumari

Anni Kumari explores the poetry and the paradox of contemporary realities- complexities of relationships, identities, and cultures through precise geometrical forms.

Through her practice, she makes queries about the understanding of shape, dimensions, movement and time in the context of experiential observations made in different geographical locations.

Anni also consciously questions whether her visual vocabulary of precise lines, grids and points is outside the framework of ‘female aesthetics’. In that sense, she identifies herself as a ‘women artist’ whose works border between the purely functional and the intellectual.

She studied Politics and subsequently, Painting at the Delhi University, juggling with experiences of migration and displacement, at personal and socio-anthropological levels. These personal experiences, a penchant for the pigment black and an aptitude for mathematical observations have shaped her practice that extends beyond the studio into the classroom as an art educator, and the wilderness as an academic researcher.

She has been part of several shows, including Mirrored Questions; Fading Horizons (Art District XIII, Delhi, 2019); Some things Change(India International Centre, Delhi, 2017) ; Again and Yet Again(OED, Kochi, 2017). She is a recipient of fellowships and grants from the Lalit Kala Akademi, Sahapedia-UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture (GOI), University Grants Commission, Ceontre for Civil Society, Artreach Trust and the Spic Macay Foundation. She has received awards from the United Nations Exhibition Programme (USA), Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation (Mumbai) and the German Embassy (Delhi).

Chandrahas Y Jalihal

Chandrahas Jalihal has been a keen observer of nature and his surroundings. His works are manifestations of his imaginations inspired by his observations. Each of his work is a story that leads into the other. His works are self -representative and take shape from the structural space that the artist witnesses on a daily basis.

Chandrahas was born in 1966, in Balganur, Raichur District, Karnataka.He has completed his B.F.A. from MMK College of Visual Art Gulbarga. Later, he acquired Post Diploma in Print Making from Vishva Bharati University Shantiniketan, West Bengal.

He has participated in major exhibitions held in India and abroad including, paintings & print exhibitions- Regional Lalit Kala Academy, Madras and Calcutta; 3rd National Biennial, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, 1996; 40th National Exhibition of Art; 4th International Prints Biennial Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal; ‘Beyond Borders’, Art Space Art Gallery, Singapore, 2007 and Prafful Art Foundation Art Exhibition, Nehru Art Gallery, Mumbai,2016.

He has held and directed various printmaking workshops and painting camps across the country-Etching camp Sri Kala Niketan, Mysore; Intaglio Prints Workshop, Visvakarma College of Fine Arts, Pune and Graphic Workshop at Varna Art Gallery by KLA, Bangalore.

Chandrahas has two solo shows to his credit -One at CKP Bangalore and another one at Calcutta. He has bagged several awards, among them are 7th All India Art exhibition (SCZCC) Nagpur-1993, 101st all India Annual Art Exhibition Bombay Art society Bombay-1993.

Daan Oude Elferink

Daan Oude Elferink, offers a glimpse of the beautiful yet forbidden world of decay as he sees it. He has always been drawn to adventure. Even as a kid he loved to bypass the no-entry signs and played in old abandoned factories. Not knowing that many years later he would be taking pictures of them. It all started, when in 2008, he stood eye to eye with a beautiful staircase in and abandoned Belgium fortress. He completely fell in love with the beauty of decay.

A self-taught Dutch photographer, Daan travels around the world to explore and capture the beauty of the forbidden, decayed and abandoned places. The places he visits are not open for the public as danger lurks around these buildings. He unearths a world which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

 Daan’s limited edition artworks have been exhibited in art galleries and art fairs in more than 20 cities all over the world including Miami (USA), New York (USA), Paris (France), London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Bangalore (India), Singapore and his home country, Netherlands.

Daan has released three books: Urban Exploration & Photography (2010-2012), Gift of Time (2012-2014) and Touched by Time (2014-2016). Touched by Time, won the ‘European Book Price of the year 2017’, awarded by the Federation of European Photographers in Sicily.

Haribaabu Naatesan

Haribaabu Naatesan testifies the Law of Conservation of Mass through his works. “Matter and energy is neither created nor destroyed, it can just change in form”. His works are an artistic recycling. Encompassing what is generally banal and of reduced utility-The Scrap, his installations re-instil purpose into these out-lived objects. The purpose is to question one’s action and its consequences.

Haribaabu, graduated in Fine Arts from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai. Followed by a Post- Graduation at the National Institute of Design, (NID) Ahmedabad where he found the space to express his unique style with the unusual, the throw-away, the scrap objects and his ideas first took wings here. At NID, Haribaabu got the platform to exhibit his first solo show that won immense appreciation and accolades. Haribaabu’s solo exhibition at the Out of the Blue Lounge stunned audience for a medium never used before.

He has been part of several other shows including From Waste to Art (2015, 2017), Repercussions (Kochi, 2016), Warrior Exhibition (U.K., 2010).

Volkswagen, India; Deloitte, Hyderabad; Godrej Garden City, Ahmedabad; Le Sutra, The Indian Art Hotel, Mumbai; The Indian Art Café, Hyderabad and various others have a collection of Haribaabu’s works.

Hariraam V

Hariraam V explores the complex matters of the universe through his simple geometric shapes.

He connects the human body, mind, memory and the universe. The universe according to him encompasses the memories of the human mind to bring together what may be called ‘Memory of the Universe’.

 He Graduated with DFA-Painting, Kalamandir School of Art, Bangalore from 1975-80. He later specialised in Printmaking at the Regional Centre Lalit Kala Akademi Workshops from 1988-92. He also specialised in Printmaking [non-toxic], New Grounds Print Workshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2008.  

Hariraam V has had several national and international exhibitions which include 99th Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Federation of British Artists; The Mall Galleries, London 1982; 13th The South Eastern & International Federation of Art Societies, Guild Hall Art Gallery, London 1982; National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi 1983- 94 and

16th International Independent Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Japan 1990.

His solo exhibitions were held at  AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi 1978; Bradshaw Room, The Mall Galleries Administration, Federation of British Artist’s, London 1982; Spaces, The Upper Gallery, The National Museum, Monuments & Art Galleries, Gaborone, Botswana 1999; Untitled, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai 2006;  Enigmatic Equations, Gallery Time & Space, Bangalor; Parliament House, Brisbane, Australia, 2016 

The Karnataka State Award-The Directorate of Archaeology & Museums in Karnataka, Bangalore 1977; State Award: Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Khuzu, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, 1995; are among the few awards of the many awards he has received.

Harsh Nowlakha

Harsh Nowlakha is a process-based artist who has a keen sensitivity towards materials and their innate qualities. In his studio practice, he explores a variety of traditional materials and techniques such as textile weaving, ceramics, and glass making.

Harsh is an artist born and raised in Calcutta. He completed his BFA in Sculpture from the California College of Arts in San Francisco, California.

With an interest in traditional practices, he looks at the techniques of ancient times and incorporates their fundamental processes in his own contemporary practice. Often looking at “time” as a metaphor for the human experience, he creates artefacts that bring a sense of stillness and serenity to the viewer. He questions the relation between the essential elements of nature and the automated production of the industrial world.

Glasshouse Bangalore by JaH Studios is a collaboration between Jordan Sitzer and Harsh. This is a space for art enthusiasts, and practitioners. They have built the glassblowing studio in Bangalore, India, with an interest in teaching traditional practices and spreading this ancient craft. The intention, devotion, and perfection that come with the act of making the custom glass piece directly elevate the handmade object into a unique artefact.

Harshit Agrawal

Harshit Agrawal uses A.I, drones, sensors, augmented reality technologies, creating both extreme and alternate narratives, providing a platform for the audience to explicitly engage and converse with these, than being implicitly steered by them.

Harshit is an artificial intelligence (A.I) and new media artist. Through his practice, he explores what he calls the ‘human- machine creativity continuum’- the melding of human and machine creative agency. He uses machines and algorithms and often creates them as an essential part of his art process, becoming the Cyborg Artist.

He was the only Indian artist in one of the world’s first A.I art shows in a contemporary art gallery (Gradient Descent show held at NatureMorte Gallery). His work is part of the permanent exhibition at the largest computer science museum in the world, HNF Museum, Germany. He has exhibited work at other premier art festivals and museums around the world, like the Ars Electronica Festival, Austria; Tate Modern, UK; Asia Culture Center Korea, QUT Art Museum, Australia; Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil; Alt-Ai, NYC; Art Center Nabi, Korea; Laval Virtual,France; BeFantastic Festival,India and ISEA, Canada. His work has also been extensively covered in international media, including BBC and New York Times, often as one of the founding artists of a new form of art.

Along with this, Harshit carries out academic research and has published several research papers on creation tools at art and human computer interaction conferences.

Jordan Sitzer

Jordan Sitzer, works to create contemporary sculptures, pursuing and investigating the aesthetics of nature, often looking to the ocean for inspiration. Raised in Southern California in the Santa Monica Mountains, Jordan is now an artist and maker living in Bangalore, India. Being outside his homeland-California, the land’s scenery, its mountains, its oceans, and   its deserts fill him with happiness and gratitude.

In 2017 he embarked on a journey to find Glasshouse Bangalore by JaH Studios. It is a collaboration between Jordan Sitzer and Harsh Nowlakha. They have built the glassblowing studio in Bangalore, India. With an interest in traditional practices they look at the techniques of ancient times and incorporate these fundamental processes into their own contemporary experiences. In an age where so many aspects of  life have become industrialized and machine made, the unique hand-made object inspires conservation and sustainability as it is well made and imbued with the purity and intention of the maker who has created this object through dedication and experience. By creating meaningful objects they seek to inspire the viewer to enter into a conversation with the importance of well-made finely crafted objects that also help to support the skilled artist or craftsperson.

Through this they are creating a community of collectors and makers who help to support each other in this symbiotic relationship, breaking away from the industrialized marketplace and localizing the experience from the hands of the artisan directly to the viewer.

Pierre Poulain

Pierre Poulain has a sentimental connect with his first reflex camera that he purchased in 1976. He says it will always be special to him because “Some love relationships last forever”.

Pierre began his adventure in photography at the age of 20, in 1976, in France. At that time he practiced street photography during the day, and worked as an assistant to a publicity photographer during the week-ends and as a taxi driver during the night, in order to make a living.

Four years later, he had to make a choice between Photography and Philosophy and he decided to change his priorities. He never stopped “shooting” with a camera, but during the next 29 years he practiced photography more like a “serious amateur” than like a professional. In 1986 he relocated to Tel-Aviv, Israel, where he founded the local branch of the New Acropolis school of Philosophy.

Since the technical aspect of photography has changed during the last 20 years, mainly from an argentic based technology to a digital technology, Pierre decided to return to the classroom, and graduated from the Studio Gavra School of Photography, the first school of photography in Israel.

In recent years he decided to try combining these two major aspects of his life: Photography and Philosophy.

Pradeep Kumar D M

Pradeep Kumar, born in a village, now paints with an eye of a city dweller. He uses objects that have never come to the notice of a city-dweller as he is always masked by the pomp and show of city life. Through his works, Pradeep excavates the lost traditions, cultures and brings them to life.

Pradeep has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from University College of Fine Arts, Davangere in 2008 and a Master’s degree in Painting from Bangalore University, Bangalore in 2010.

He is a recipient of several awards like, South Indian Young Artist Award, Chandra Ilango Visual Art Foundation Chennai,2016; Camel Art Foundation Europe Tour Award, 2010 and 39th Karnataka State Lalit Kala Akademy Award,2010.

Pradeep has been a part of several Residency Programs like Cycle 17 Block and White Piramal Art and Residency Mumbai 2018 and Sand Art Residency, Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai, 2014.

He has had several Solo and Group Exhibitions which include, Intimate Lines curated by Giridhar Khasnis, 1Shanthi Road Studio Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2017; DAY DREAMS, Gallery Five Forty Five Bangalore ,2014; MUNDANE MYSTERIES, Venkatappa Art Gallery Bangalore, 2011;  2nd Karaphuli Folk Triennial organizing by Santaran Art Foundation Bangladesh,2019; Traversing Tradition Curated by Vaishnavi Ramanathan at Inko Centre Chennai, 2018 and  ELEMENTAL CANVAS II, a Korean-Indo Young Artists’ Exhibition at Tagore society of Korea & Indian museum, Seoul Korea,2013.

R M Palaniappan

RM Palniappan believes that no matter where one stands on the line; it is the processes of extending the line by understanding the same in all respect by the total awareness of, in and out of the line that one has created- the breath, the life and the body. Through these lines one searches a space to experience the unknown.

He is an alumnus of the Govt. College of Fine Arts (Painting and Post-Graduation in Industrial Design Ceramic); studied advanced Lithography in Tamarind Institute (USA) during 1991 and was the Artist in Residence at the Oxford University in 1996. A recipient of several awards, honours and residencies including National Award, President of India’s Silver Plaque, RAZA Foundation and International Prints Biennales of Bhopal, India and Taiwan.

He was invited by several international universities and art institutions to conduct workshops in print-making including Art Academy of Cincinnati, University of New Mexico and Royal College of Arts, London. His works are included in many important auctions including Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Osian’s and Bonhams and Bid & Hammer.

He held 19 one-man shows across the country and also two in Holland, two in United States and two in U.K. He has curated several exhibitions including ‘Major Trends in Indian Art’.  He has been a member of the international Jury in 2008 for Bharat Bhavan International Prints Biennale, 1995 and 2008.
His works are in prestigious collections including National Gallery of Modern Art & Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; British Museum and Victoria Albert Museum, London; Oxford University, Oxford and galleries and museums in Cincinnati, Washington, Holland, Taiwan, Sweden, and Korea.

Rekha Krishnamurthy

Rekha Krishnamurthy brings out a very simple yet profound idea of inclination towards something. In specific terms, she explores ‘Tendency’ of a living being towards a particular characteristic.  In her present works, very innovatively she brings out the tendency to think and feel negative. It is a tendency which dawns upon her when she returns from a travel journey. As she explores various tendencies, behavioural patterns and how minutely they affect one, her works get into an intimate introspective conversation with the audience.

Rekha has obtained Masters in Visual Arts- Art History, from College of Fine Arts, Chithrakala Parishath, Bengaluru in 2017 and Bachelors in Visual Arts-Painting, Ken School of Art, Bengaluru in 2013.

She has been a part of several exhibitions including, Recur group exhibition at Chitrakala Parishath Bengaluru in 2019; Art Park commemorated International Women’s Day, Balance for Better, 2019 and Master RM Hadpad Memory a group exhibition in 2015.

Rekha has been awarded the Shenoy Art Foundation Award for Excellence in Chitrakala Parishath in 2017; Namma Bengaluru Metro project by Ken School of Art- Installation Art, Award 2013, Mysore Dasara Mahothsava Kala Mela Uphasamithi Award for painting in 2012 and Bio-Green Andolana  Painting Award in 2011.

The artist currently lives and works in Bengaluru.

Sruthi S Kumar

Shruthi Kumar beautifully brings to life nature on her canvas. Her paintings are inspired by temporary forms and shapes nature holds within it. She has completed BFA Painting from Raja Ravi Varama College of Fine Arts, Mavelikara and MFA Painting, RLV College of Music And Fine Arts, Tripunithura

Shruthi has presented her works at several exhibitions including Anthesis, Group Show Curated By Girish Shahane, Gallery Veda, Chennai, 2019; Infinitude,Group Show At Inko Center Gallery , Chennai , 2019; 45th State Exhibition Of Art Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Cochin , Kerala, 2016; 44th State Exhibition Of Art Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Cochin, Kerala, 2015; Durbar Hall Group Exhibition Ernakulam, Kerala, 2014 and Landscape Painting Exhibition At Kannur, Kerala, 2012

She has participated in various workshops including Artists Camp At South Zone Culture  Center, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, 2019; Swami Vivekananda State Camp, Kerala, 2017; Workshop On Mural, At RRV CFA, Mavelikara, Kerala, 2012; Landscape Painting Camp At Kannur, Kerala, 2012 and  Kerala Lalithakala Akademi One Day Camp, Kerala.

Shruthi’s works are in the collection of  Palette People, Vagamon, Kerala; Lalit Kala Academy Regional Center, Chennai; Veda Gallery, Chennai; Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi, Thrissur, Kerala; Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi, Kerala and Mumbai Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Venugopala H S

Venugopal H.S. explores intricacies of nature in his works. Trees are the subject of his paintings and drawings through which he uncovers several aspects of life.

Venugopal studied painting and graphics at Ken School of Art, Bengaluru & subsequently obtained a Diploma in painting from MS University Baroda.

He is a recipient of the 16th Karnataka State Lalit Kala Annual Exhibition Award. His works have been exhibited in many group shows such as Art of Integrity, Chita Yatra, including Kala Mela and also had his works exhibited at Jahangir Art Gallery.

Venugopal has taken part in several national level exhibitions like Print Today, National Art exhibition and also has been a part of several international exhibitions.

 Apart from exhibitions, he has participated in several state level workshops & art camps and worked as an artist for Karnataka State Textbook Committee and as a designer for other educational projects. He was also a faculty member in a secondary school in Bengaluru for 30 years.

Vijit Pillai

Vijith Pillai  uses his own photographs and other references which take new form through the use of textures, filters, patterns and sophisticated digital techniques with acrylic paint on canvas in the genre of ‘Mixed Media Art“ in exclusive or limited edition canvases. The works on display are inspired by classical Indian, Mughal art and architecture. Through a contemporary touch of digital media, the artist explores the world of the past.

As a student, he went on to win the All India Award for the Best Painting from Nehru Yuva Kendra and the Best Artist prize at school. Today, he is a recognised artist and a pioneer in New Media and Digital Art. He has conducted successful exhibitions in Hyderabad, Bangalore Delhi and Fujairah, UAE. Over 500 of his artworks are part of the decor at the Sheraton Grand Bangalore and the Radisson Blu Plaza, Hyderabad. His artworks have been displayed along with masters like MF Hussain and F N Souza at The All India Auction of Modern and Contemporary Artists at Windsor Manor, Bangalore in August 2013.

Vijith has presented his works in several exhibitions including, Blues of Buddha,Westin Mindspace Hotel, Hyderabad, 2011; Heal a child Charity Foundation, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, 2012; Reprieve, Sublime Galleria, U B City, Bangalore, 2012; Lombok by Moonlight, Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore – Art and Jewellery Fusion in collaboration with Pallavi Foley. His artwork was selected as the image of ‘Art Bengaluru 2012’; Deccan and the City, a tribute to Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, 2013 and Neo – Moghul Art series, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Hyderabad, 2013.

Alayna Zaid

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible.”- MaryAnn F. Kohl

Alayna Zaid, a twelve year old enjoys colouring outside the lines. An emerging artist, Alayna chose the language of Visual Arts and in particular, painting as she finds it calming and fun. Like every child, she likes to experiment and with these experiments are born masterpieces.

Alayna prefers to use bright colours to paint her untold emotions and feelings. Each of her works is a beautiful portrayal of her imagination. Though her paintings are reflections of a growing up mind, each work displays a high degree of thought and involvement.

This little girl moves beyond the realm of figurative depictions and prefers painting her ideas as abstract forms. Alayna is presently learning how to paint with oil colours and has also started experimenting and working with resin.

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist.” Alayna will grow everyday as an artist with her free spirit and ability to make her audience see a beautiful world within her.

Rupak Munje

Rupak Munje was born with autism and has come a long way despite struggling in every aspect of life. Being non-verbal, he has chosen the perfect language for communication, the language of art. He is now flourishing into a professional artist and weaver of stories his eyes experience.

He started his training under American Art Therapist, Melissa Enderle and since then has been mentored by his father Rajendra Munje. Today he is known as an ‘Unusual Abstract Artist’ with 170 paintings and 36 shows across India to his credit.

His paintings have also been appreciated on social media across the world, including art lovers from India, America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and other parts of the world.

Rupak’s transformation journey from Autistic to Artistic, unfolding his Infinite Autistic Mysteries to all of us through his canvas is an extraordinary achievement. He is an inspiration for everyone around the world.

Sanjna Srikanth

Sanjna Srikanth is a young artist, diagnosed with Autism, known for her spontaneous art expressions of pure, brilliant colors and simple, abstract forms. Sanjna is extremely creative and uses mediums such as water colour, charcoal, dry pastel, oil pastel, pen, ink and acrylic paints with equal élan. Over the years, her work has evolved in terms of boldness of the lines she uses, compositions and force of dynamism in her artistic manifestations.  Born in Boston, USA, Sanjna is currently pursuing an International Fine arts program.

In the year 2012, at the age of 16, Sanjna held her first Solo Art Exhibition at Prestige Ozone, Whitefieeld with a collection of over 40 paintings and drawings. Sanjna presented her third Solo exhibition at one of the historic landmarks of Bangalore, the Venkatappa Art Gallery in 2016.She also held her Solo Sculpture show at the reputed Kala Academy, Panaji, Goa in 2017.

Apart from exhibitions, Sanjna has several achievements. She had a unique opportunity to participate in an Art Marathon, at Kochi- Muziris Biennale, 2017. Her paintings were displayed in the India Inclusion Summit, 2013. Sanjna has been recognized as an “Inspiring Role Model for the Community” and given the International Diana Award, by The Diana Award UK, established in memory of Princess Diana. She was also honoured with the Olympic Torch during the Rio Olympics, 2016.

Shoeb Dastagir

Shoeb Dastagir gets his inspiration from nature and the profound silence of creation. His art depicts dream like sequences that leave the viewer both intrigued and spellbound at the same time. He takes inspiration from the art of Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Ganesh Pyne and Gaugin. He uses different mediums like oils, acrylics, pastels, animation and mixed media sculptures to express himself.

A student of Chitrakala Parishath, Shoeb was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2006. However, his diagnosis didn’t serve as an impediment; instead his art became a true manifestation of a uniquely fertile and creative mind.

 He has held exhibitions at the Belaku Gallery, Rangoli Metro Art Centre MG Road, Bangalore.  His first solo exhibition, Ember Stack with 35 paintings was held in 2015.  Mystique with 25 paintings was another solo exhibition held in 2016.

 He has been featured in several newspaper articles-“An Artist’s Brush with Schizophrenia is no Hurdle”, Sunday Times, “It is all in the Mind and Art”, Bangalore Mirror and “Unconquerable spirit “, Deccan chronicle.


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